Anker PowerPort Speed 63 Watt 5 Port

Anker PowerPort Speed 63 Watt 5 Port


Anker SPEED USB Charger 63 Watt 5 Port

  • 2 Ports with QE3 Quick Charge Output

  • 3 Ports with Anker's PowerIQ and VoltageBoost Technology

  • Recommended for customers who need to take full advantage of the Quick charge capacity of there mobile device. 

  • It will also charge most devices in a reasonable amount of time and can easily charge a full load overnight.  

I will attach this charger to your charging station as pictured in the listing for the charging station.

I offer this and other chargers as a convenience to customers . By attaching the USB Power Strip I assure that the mounting clip fits snuggly and that the device will stay where intended.  

Any difference between my price and the Amazon price simply covers the the time needed to fabricate the clip and attach it to the station. 

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