Charger Options

USB Chargers make it possible to charge multiple mobile devices - phones, tablets, cameras - from a single uit.  

Our charging stations are primarily powered by Anker USB Chargers

Anker was one of the first manufacturers to enter this field and they have produced some of the most reliable chargers on the market today.  In the Amazon Marketplace they recieve 4.5 - 5 star reviews and they are often featured as "Top Sellers" and "Amazon's Choice." 

A general review of the Anker Chargers is available from Wire Cutter

The Anker page about these chargers is available here.

All Anker Chargers Feature

  • PowerIQ and VoltageBoost Technology that combine to provide the fastest possible charge up to 2.4 amps per standard USB port.
  • Durable case.
  • 2ft power supply to connect device to your wall outlet.

Anker Chargers are differentiated by the...

  • Number of ports available,
  • Total power output (they express in watts),
  • Fast charging & high capacity options.  

Which Anker USB Charger Do You Need?  

USB charging can be confusing. The industry is torn between adopting universal standards and creating unique features that let there new products stand out. 

Despite the overwhelming technical bable used to refer to charging standards - the industry established safety standards which  assure chargers and devices work together.  Connecting phones, tablets, and cameras to an over or underpowered charger will cause no harm.  An article at consumer reports about this topic is available HERE

When choosing a charger consider...

  • How many devices you need to charge simultaneously, 
  • How long you expect to leave them attached to the charger
  • How reliant you are on the fast charging options
  • If you need a charger for unusually high demand devices like Macbook or Nexus SP / 5X  

If you want to use your charger for extended periods - overnight or 1 -2 hour blocks of time. 

Choose one of the  "Original PowerPort" units.

Original PowerPort - 40 Watt 5 Port  

5 Standard USB Charging Ports 

Original PowerPort - 60 Watt 6 Port - for review click HERE

6 Standard USB Charging Ports 

Our favorite of the 3 Original PowerPorts because it will supply full 2.4 amps to all 6 ports - thus providing top charging capacity even when all ports are being used. (this is not true of the 40 watt 5 port or the 60 watt 10 port unit they are slightly underpowered when all ports are used, but they will still charge nearly any set of devices when attached overnight)

Original PowerPort - 60 Watt 10 Port

10 Standard USB Charging Ports

If you are highly reliant upon the "Quick Charge" capacity available on some devices choose.

PowerPort Speed - 63 Watts 5 Port - for review click HERE

Features 2 QC3 Quick Charge ports & 3 Standard USB Charging Ports 

If you need to charge one of the higher demand USB-C devices - Macbook or Nexus SP / 5X  -  choose...

PowerPort Speed - PD - 5 Ports - for review click HERE

Features 1 USB-C Power Delivery port (30W maximum speed) & 4 standard USB charging Ports


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