Our Story...

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Saw Dust in My Blood

I am Mark Sky-Shrewsberry, the principal designer & maker for Tech Tamer Woodworks.  

My dad and papaw (that’s hillbilly for grandfather) were both carpenters and I spent my entire youth on construction sites. Because of extremely limited vision and an inability to see well in bright light, I was unable to use power tools – an essential part of any modern carpentry business.  However, I inherited  the woodworking itch and I am still trying to scratch it.

I am intimately involved in creating everything that comes out of my shop. But I can't do everything by myself.  I rely on...

  • Mikal, my darlin' wife, for help with finishing, shipping, photography, and all things PC.
  • My kids for perspective and a sense of humor, and
  • My customers who've helped inspire and refine all of my designs.  


On the Job Training 

I was raised by a jack of all trades. My dad built modest but sound homes from the foundation to the roof.  He completed and sold one each year and he shared his broad technical skills with me.  I spent many years as his helper, picking up the basic concepts and skills used in plumbing, electric, and carpentry. By the time I left for college I could solder pipe, run circuits, and use a number of power tools – drills, sanders, etc. However, my papaw lost 3 fingers to an early circular saw and my family was reluctant to teach me how to use anything with a spinning blade.

Rooster 1200 x 1200 .jpg

Rooster 1200 x 1200 .jpg

Berea College Woodcraft

At Berea College I worked in the finishing section of Woodcraft industries. To help pay for my education I spent many hours sanding, oiling, and packing their products. My academic pursuits also reflected my interest in crafts. At the Appalachian Museum I cataloged numerous artifacts, gave tours relating to the craft-based culture in the southern highlands and cataloged numerous artifacts. Much of my senior year focused upon the Arts and Crafts movement.  Within this setting I drank up numerous design influences such as the traditional forms preserved in Appalachia, high-style Colonial designs, and the Shaker emphasis on innovation.

Carroll Center for the Blind

In 1999 I learned a number of power tool techniques that now allow me to fully express myself as a woodworker. I passed a course at the Carroll Center for the Blind where the final exam included using a table saw, band saw, and powered miter saw while blindfolded. This opened up a new world to me. Since then I’ve constructed hundreds of cabinets and completely remodeled my two-family home.

Home Renovations

From 2003 - 2013 my woodwork was focused on renovating my two-family home in upstate New York. This enormous project was a wonderful learning experience.  I created all the case work including custom kitchens, unique bathrooms, numerous built-ins, and distinctive lighting fixtures.

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Etsy Shop Established in 2013 and Still Going Strong

Our online sales started with ETSY.  The shop has...

  • completed over 500 sales.
  • nearly 200 listings
  • over 100 Five Star Reviews