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Charging Stations Offer

  • Beauty

  • Convenience

  • Organization

  • Parental Control

  • Customization

  • Universal Compatibility

  • American Craftsmanship

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Anker USB Power Strips

All our designs can conceal Anker USB Chargers, which offer

  • Easy Access to Multiple USB Ports

  • Opportunity to Conceal Charging Cables

  • Range of charging capacity from 5 - 10 ports.

  • Options for standard, quick, and USB-C varieties. 

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  • 20+ models with capacity form 2-12 devices.   

  • 20+ finishes in oak, maple, and cherry.

  • Custom Features to accommodate headphones, smart watches, neck bands etc.

  • 4 Anker USB charger options

  • 10-14 Day Turn Around - Your pieces are made to order it takes 10-14 days to make and ship most pieces.

  • Ready-to-Ship - Limited number of ready to ship items are available through our Etsy Shop. Click Here



Our most popular designs preconfigured with USB Chargers. 

Our instagram feed shows our journey as avid woodworkers, craft business owners, and concerned users of mobile technology.