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  • Compartment in the base where an Anker USB Power Strip can be concealed (power strip options available at checkout).
  • Cord Management Tools - molded clips, integral cable organizers, and/or slots cut in bottom & side. 
  • Solid domestic hardwood construction  - (Maple, Cherry, Oak)
  • 20 different finishes wood/finish combinations.

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Tech Bed

Our Tech Bed Product line offers the widest range of sizes and configurations. 

tab horde.jpeg

Tablet Horde

Tablet Hordes provides a place to safely collect your tablets, laptops, and other devices.

  • Holds 5 - 8 devices  in 1.25" or 1.5" bays (depending upon the model selected).

  • Leaves your charging cables accessible and visible at the back of the unit where they can be organized with molded cable clips that are included in your order.

  • Dimensions vary based upon model ordered

  • Customization available.

Knotty Tech Beds

  • Unique One of a kind "Knotty Tech Beds" feature the natural beauty found in highly figured wood.

Stylized Landscapes

  • Several stylized landscape options are currently available.

tech Park.jpeg

Franklin Tech Park

The Franklin Tech Park offers convenient access to charging cables for phones, tablets, and laptops.

  • 3 Smaller device in the 9.25 W - 1" D - 0.75" H tray in the front. 

  • 3 - 4 Larger Devices in 3 bays - 1st two are 9.25" W - 1.75 D Last is 2" D .
  • Cord organizer on the back provides a convenient way to manage 6 cables while you are using your devices. 

  • Flush mounted position of the Anker USB Charger (available at checkout) makes it easy to remove your charging cables.

  • DIMENSIONS - Height 11", Width 11", Depth 11"

trundle tech bed .jpeg

Full Size Power Strip

  • These designs conceal a 4 outlet surge protector along with the Anker USB charger.

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