Tech Park

Tech Park

  • 11" H, 11" W, 11" D

  • 4 Bays Hold & Charge 3 small and/or 4 large devices...

    • Front Recessed Bay holds 3 small or 1 large device - 9.375" W x 1" D

    • Second Bay holds 1 larger device - 11" W x 1.75" D

    • Third Bay holds 1 larger device - 11" W x 1.75" D

    • Forth Bay holds 1 larger device - 11" W x 2" D

  • USB Charger can be mounted in the base. Charging cables can be hung from the cable organizer on the back and routed around the side while charging (Anker USB Power Strips available at checkout - see drop down menu below.)

  • 20+ Standard Wood and Finish Options - Cherry, Maple, Oak (Specific finish is selected from a drop down in a pop up that appears when you ad a piece to your cart)

  • Premium Wood and Finishes available as a custom order at a 15% - 20% markup (Walnut, Butternut, Figured Maple, etc.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.)

  • Made to Order 10 - 14 Days Lead Time so that we can make, finish, and pack your piece for shipping. 

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Do you want us to attach a USB charger to the bottom of your charging station?

For a buyer's guide to USB chargers Click Here.