Compact Double Tech Bed

Compact Double Tech Bed

  • 10" H, 10" W, 5" D

  • 2 Bays Hold & Charge 4 small and/or 2 large devices...

    • Front Bay holds 2 small or 1 large device - 10" W x 1.25" D

    • Second Bay holds 2 small or 1 larger device - 10" W x 1.5" D

  • USB Charger can be mounted in the 2" compartment in the base and charging cables can be routed through a series of holes and slots (Anker USB Power Strips available at checkout - see drop down menu below.)

  • Round or Square Styles available (Please specify your preference in the pop-up that appears when you ad a piece to your cart)

  • 20+ Standard Wood and Finish Options - Cherry, Maple, Oak (Specific finish is selected from a drop down in a pop up that appears when you ad a piece to your cart)

  • Premium Wood and Finishes available as a custom order at a 15% - 20% markup (Walnut, Butternut, Figured Maple, etc.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.)

  • Made to Order 10 - 14 Days Lead Time so that we can make, finish, and pack your piece for shipping. 

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Do you want us to attach a USB charger to the bottom of your charging station?

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